Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Rules on How to Play Video Poker?

Video Poker Rules

Video poker is favored by a lot of devoted casino players. With the introduction of online casinos, there are many more players learning the basics of video poker rules, and discovering just how fun these games can be.

Poker and video poker are very similar, with the obvious difference being that you are not competing with any other real players. Instead of getting the “best hand”, it’s your goal to get a “good enough” hand to incite a payout.

If you like to play poker-oriented card games but have never tried the online, single-player version, continue reading to learn the rules of video poker.

Video Poker Objective

The object in video poker is to achieve a hand that is strong enough to provoke a winning payout. For example, in Jacks Or Better, you need at least a Pair of “Jacks” to signal a win, “Or Better” to get a higher win.

Minimum Hand Requirements and Payouts

All video poker variants have different winning hand requirements and payouts. You can find the exact requirements of all winning combinations and payouts by clicking the video poker “Rules” button. However, most video poker games will display the entire payout schedule directly on the interface. In general, the easier it seems to hit a strong hand, the higher the minimum winning hand requirement will be. For example, a video poker game with wild cards, such as Deuces Wild, is not going to payout for a Pair, no matter how high that pair is. You’ll need to get at least a Three of a Kind to win. Also note that the minimum hand is not going to make you a profit. The lowest paying hand will always return your original bet.

How To Play Video Poker

Playing video poker is as simple as pressing, or clicking, a series of buttons. First, you will place a bet by. Use arrows to lower the price of each coin or increase the price of each coin.

Press the Bet button to insert 1 coin. You may press the Bet button again to continue betting more coins, up to the maximum bet allowed. If you wish to bet the full amount of coins, simply press Bet Max. Pressing Bet Max will automatically deal the cards. Otherwise, when you’ve placed your desired bet, click the Draw button.

Your cards will appear on the screen. Beneath each card is a Hold button. Press this button under each card you wish to keep. The word HOLD will appear on each card you’ve chosen to keep. When you are ready to discard all other cards, to be replaced by new ones, press Draw.

Your new hand is revealed. If you have a winning combination, you will be paid according to the payout chart on the video poker machine. If the winning combinations are displayed at the top of the machine, your winning hand and payout rate will be highlighted to show you what you’ve won.

Multi-Hand Video Poker

Some video poker games come in multi-hand play, meaning you can play more than one poker hand in a single turn. When you play multi-hand video poker, be careful how much you choose to wager, as your bet is actually multiplied by the number of hands being played.

In multi-hand video poker, you are dealt a single hand, which is played in the same manner as single-hand video poker games. However, when you discard and draw new cards, they are dealt out to as many hands as you have paid to play.

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