Monday, 30 January 2017

Online Gambling: Tips for Beginners

We are all new to the gambling world at some point or another. Sadly, many of us dive in blindly, not really sure what to expect. The end result is often a considerable loss of money on the first endeavor. In hopes of preventing an outbreak of novice player losses at real money online casino websites, we have compiled a list of newcomer tips and tricks to help newbies come prepared.

Budget Your Bankroll

This is incredibly important; perhaps the most important tip a new gambler can take with them. Your bankroll should be made up of extra funds only! In fact, setting aside a gambling bankroll and steadily adding to it is highly recommended. The money you spend at a casino should never come from the bill money, or any source that is meant to be used elsewhere.

Also, be careful to budget your bankroll so that it will last. If you’re planning a 3-day venture in Vegas, and you bring $500 to spend in the casino, don’t bring the entire $500 bankroll with you on the first day. Split it up into several sections. You’ll probably want to visit the casino floor more than once each day, maybe once in the morning and again in the evening. Therefore you would need up to 6 separate bankrolls, one per trip to the casino floor.

Pace Yourself

Take your time and pace yourself, as well as your bets. What is the fun of a casino gambling experience if your bankroll is depleted in the first 20 minutes? Make sure to choose games with low enough stakes to ensure the longevity of your bankroll, win or lose.

Knowledge is Power

If you don’t know game rules, don’t place a bet on it. Try to learn the rules of all casino games – or at least the ones you wish to play – before hitting the casino. If you find a game you don’t know how to play, don’t be afraid to ask someone the rules. If it is a table game, there should be a casino employee at the table already who can help. In the case of slots and video poker, all of the rules are displayed on the screen by clicking the ‘Help’ or ‘Rules’ button.

Another option is to go online and play free casino games. This is a great way to learn how to play various casino games in a realistic setting, but without risking any real cash in the process.

We offer the following casino game rules and strategies: Slots Rules and Slots Strategies, Video Poker Rules and Video Poker Strategies, Blackjack Rules and Blackjack Strategies, Roulette Rules and Roulette Strategies, Baccarat Rules and Baccarat Strategies, Craps Rules and Craps Strategies.

Take a Pause and then Resume

It’s a great idea to take breaks while gambling in a casino. This will stretch your bankroll a little further, while giving you time to recover from any down-swings you may be experiencing. When a gambler loses continuously, he/she tends to start making mistakes they would otherwise avoid in an effort to recoup losses. Never let yourself become emotional. Press the virtual pause button, go for a walk around the casino or head back to your room for some R&R, then resume when you’re head is clear.

Never chase losses!

This is a very common mistake most gamblers make – especially those who tend to lose in the end. Chasing losses is when you increase your bet amount to try and recoup losses too quickly, or when you delve into a pocket that does not contain your bankroll. Do not ever allow yourself to play with money that was never intended for gambling. Does the term “problem gambler” ring any bells?

Enjoy Yourself!

Don’t forget that gambling is for “entertainment purposes only”! Yes, you could walk away with a profit, maybe even a substantial one, but that should not be the expected outcome. Think of it this way. You could have gone out to dinner and a movie, but that form of entertainment does not come with a chance of getting your money back. Enjoy the time at the casino for what it’s worth, and if you end up winning, all the better! If not, you saved up that money for the purpose of gambling. So long as you had a good time, that’s what really matters!

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