Friday, 20 January 2017

3 Reel Slots vs 5 Reel Slots: What's Better to Play?

5 reel slots vs 3 reel slots

All slot games offered by the largest casino sites can be broadly subdivided into 3 reels slots online and slots with 5 reels. There are players who prefer the second type and there are also some gamblers who still opt for the 3 reels slots. So what’s the main difference between them? Is it only a number of reels or something else? Here I will try to shed light on this interesting question.

As the matter of fact, this choice depends greatly on players’ own preferences. As far as you know, first slot machines installed in brick-and-mortar casinos, bars and malls had only 3 reels. They were extremely popular at that time and numerous people still stay loyal to them. Conservative players play 3 reels slots to remember their youth and experience the familiar feeling. As for the slots with 5 reels, they appeared much later thanks to the rapid development of computer and Internet technologies. Young players choose such modern slots more often than traditional 3 reels slot machines, without doubts.

Reasons to Fall For 5 Reel Slots

Slots with 5 reels have much more to offer to gambling lovers.

  • First of all, a number of possible combinations there is much larger than in 3 reels slot machines. 
  • Second, there are much more pay lines and consequently betting options. High rollers can enable all pay lines and take a huge risk, while low rollers can be on the safe side and activate just one or two pay lines. 
  • Third, there are much more symbols on the modern slots as it used to be before. There are wild symbols that allow players to get more winning combinations and there are scatter symbols that trigger the bonus features of a slot. By the way, all these interactive bonus rounds were introduced on the 5 reels slots for the first time. Profound computer mechanism and specially designated counters determine when a bonus game begins and what payouts you can get there. Most popular bonus features now are free spins and pick-a-right item rounds. 
  • What’s more 5 reels slots have a wider range of payouts. There are slots with huge payouts with low probability. They are hit just couple times a year but can change a life of a player completely. At the same time, there are slots that offer medium payouts with a higher probability of hitting them.

Slots' Evolution

By the way, there are no doubts that online slots in online casinos have changed beyond recognition since their creation by Charles Fey back in 1887. In fact, their evolution is probably much more noticeable than the development of all other casino games offered on gambling sites. Gambling experts point out two ways of slots evolution. First of all, a whole gambling experience becomes more real. Software developers create incredible designs, music, sounds, animation and so on. Every spin of the reels is now accompanied by sounds that you can hear in any large land-based casino. And if a winning combination is hit, player is greeted by an encouraging animation on the main screen. The second way is the incorporation of innovative features. Wild and scatter symbols are modernized and always correspond to the main theme of a slot. As for bonus features, slot machines can now have several bonus features in one. Largest software providers design slots with multi-level bonus games that do not only require your luck but also some skills. All these innovations make the whole slots experience much more absorbing and exciting.

So, as you can see young players are much more demanding and picky. They have a wide choice of various slot games with innovative features. That’s the reason why traditional 3 reels slots online are being slowly replaced by their modern counterparts in internet casinos, however, if you feel like playing such classic slots you can still do this!

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