Monday, 31 July 2017

WARNING: Stay Away from Rogue Casinos

Rogue casinos are always lurking for newbies so make sure that you always check the casino on forums and chat rooms before you make an account.

Bulletproof strategies are non-existent and there so no magic wand which you can just whisk with and expect to win money. All of the websites claiming that something like that exists are lurking around and waiting for all those naive players that are willing to pay to get that magic whisk. If you want to earn money in a reliable casino then you should pay close attention to what we’re talking about.

Regardless of how lucky you can get if you come across a rogue casino you will probably never see a dime of what you made. Your personal info is never 100% safe and it might be used in many illegal actions and before you know it, you’ll be breaking the law without even being aware of it. So, if you are new in the gambling world don’t be naive and always check a casino on forums and chat rooms before you make an account.

What Are Rogue Casinos?

Rogue casino is a gambling website that is completely unreliable and is not worthy of your attention or trust. They have false info about the brand, license and other player-relevant data and all that in service of taking advantage of you.

You won’t even notice that most casinos are rouge until you request to withdraw your money. Often they make some ridiculous excuses to avoid payments, it takes too long to process payment requests and it is not rare for them to confiscate the money without any plausible explanation and it all results in eventually blocking your account.

Rogue casinos are also known for copying entire gambling websites, stealing their software or even use cheating software to take away all the money. Ever since the online gambling boom in the 90s many things changed but when it comes to reliability and safety everything is pretty much the same. It should always come first when choosing a casino.

Rogue Casinos Offer False Promos

Most of the players that were subdued to this kind of scam ended this way because of a promotion of some kind that promised a huge bonus. This is the easiest way for rogue casinos to attract players. Because it’s the first thing most people look pay attention to. There’s one rule to be followed in this industry – if the offer is too good to be true then it probably is fake, so make sure to double check everything in deep. No casino in the world will give a bonus without some wagering requirements. 

Rogue casinos often use the names from online gambling websites and they make small changes so it is easy for them to attract players that don’t pay attention to these finesses. This doesn’t happen often nowadays but there are still some casinos that use this tactic to scam the inexperienced players. So if you sense there’s something wrong with the casino make sure to check the URL.

Different E-mail Accounts

There’s a lot of players who change casinos often so that they’ll get as much as possible from promotions and that is pretty understandable but make sure to create different e-mails for different casinos. This is a good thing because rogue casinos can sometimes contact their old players with new offerings and with different e-mails you’ll know that on that particular e-mail address received the offer from a new rogue casino so it will avoid getting in the same trap twice.

Read Reviews

The best way to get informed is to read reviews about each casino because most of them are written by gambling experts who are doing all the necessary research to make in-depth reports. This way you’ll get all the necessary info about the reliability and safety of a casino. And don't forget about various industry casino long livers like Luxury Casino in Canada, Jackpot City in Australia, William Hill in the UK.