Friday, 26 July 2019

Should We Accept Things For Free

Every day, from everywhere we hear something about free things. In this way, many people try to get people's attention, and it always works. Many people are constantly chasing something free, trying to use it to the maximum.

You have to pay for everything

Constantly chasing free stuff is stupid. This goes for lots of poor people. They think that everyone needs everything for them, and therefore they are always to blame for everything: the authorities, bourgeois businessmen, banks, sellers and other people with whom they have to face. All people are all guilty of their poverty, but they are not. Of course, this is a wrong judgment, but so many factors form it, one of which can be considered a freebie. 

Since childhood, many parents have taught their children to the fact that they simply will not get anything. For candy, you need to remove the toys, for money for movie tickets - to wash the floors. This is the right approach. But over time, a person faces a freebie that teases him. Take something without giving a penny and leave, what could be better? Is that only not to take. But why? 

As we already said, people are teasing free stuff. Having taken something for free once, a person wants more and more. It does not stop. The word "freebie" can get him anywhere and make him do anything, just to get something for free. And along with this, the thinking of a person changes. He begins to think that everyone owes him that for free he can get almost everything he wants. But then, alas, the freebie ends, and you have to pay, but you don’t want to pay. So there are constantly dissatisfied people with low income.

Great marketing

But free things have advantages. If you are a businessman and you need to promote your store or something else, then there is no advertising better than free stuff. As soon as a couple of people find out about some possible freebie, big discounts and so on, then this message will be distributed to everyone else. And now you have mountains of visitors who are ready to overpay for the first product in order to get a second for free (example of a 1 + 1 promotion).

Discounts and freebies allow you to promote any business effectively, quickly and easily. The same goes for the online free spins casino when you get the opportunity to try to play slots for free. Even if at first you gave something for nothing, and then stopped, for people chasing a freebie, you will be in good standing. And they will spend money from you, bypassing other stores.

But over time, people will again demand all used, free of charge, so shops often arrange sales, make huge discounts, or even give away some goods for free with others, for which buyers overpay (the same 1+1 promotion)


Free things have both advantages and disadvantages. Note that we did not say that the advantage is that you can save. This is both a plus and a minus. Because if you get something for free, your thinking may not change for the better. Freebie can simply zombie you.

Chasing a freebie means positioning yourself as a poor person. Saving is also important and necessary but within reason. Sometimes it is better to overpay for something qualitative (clothing or equipment) rather than take something for next to nothing, and then go and complain about the malfunction of the goods in the shops after a week of use.

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