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Online Baccarat Strategies and Tips

Baccarat, like most table-based casino games, can be played in one of two ways; by simply placing a bet and crossing your fingers, or by using a baccarat game online strategy to increase your chances of winning. When you know the fundamentals of the game, as well as the impending house edge, you can make better decisions. This article will focus first on Baccarat tips, followed by a proven Baccarat strategy known as the Martingale Betting System.

Tip #1 – Banker Commission

When betting on the Banker, there is a commission that must be paid on a winning bet. This is because the Baccarat rules are designed to favor the Banker’s hand in order for the casino to ensure its house edge on all possible bets. However, not all casino’s charge the same commission. The standard and most common, commission is 5% of the total bet. This results in a 1.06% house edge when betting on the Banker. Try to find a live or online casino with a lower commission in Baccarat. There are many casinos that charge only a 4% commission, resulting in a 0.6% house edge. A few casinos may even offer lower commissions. The chart below details the house edge according to the commission rate. Banker Commission / House Edge:
  • 5% / +1.06%
  • 4% / +0.60%
  • 3% / +0.14%
  • 2.75% / +0.03%
  • 2% / -0.32%
  • 1% / -0.78%
  • 0% / -1.24%

Tip #2 – Number of Decks

The number of decks used to play Baccarat can also affect the house edge. The more decks that are used, the higher the house edge becomes. Most Baccarat games are played with 6 or 8 decks of cards, but if you can find a Single-Deck Baccarat game, it can lower the house edge by as much as 1%!

Tip #3 – Never Bet the Tie

You should never, ever place a wager on the Tie. Even though the payout is enticing, at 8-to-1 or 9-to-1, the house edge is incredibly high at about 14%, making it terribly improbable. This is the worst bet to make in Baccarat.

Tip #4 - Martingale Betting System

The Martingale Betting System is a casino strategy that can be applied to various games, including Baccarat and Roulette. The idea behind this betting system is that if you continue to make the same bet, you will eventually win. By doubling your bet size each time, you are guaranteed a 1-unit profit each time you do win. The only fault in this Baccarat strategy is that a player could potentially run out of funds before finally winning. To reduce the possibility of this happening, be sure to bring an extra large bankroll. It is incredibly unlikely for a losing streak to last more than 8 hands, but it’s not a bad idea to be prepared anyway. Note that the chart below shows a requirement of 255 units to pay 8 consecutive losing bets. With that said, here is the Baccarat strategy is known as the Martingale Betting System.
  • First Bet: 1 unit
  • Second Bet: 2 units
  • Third Bet: 4 units
  • Fourth Bet: 8 units
  • Fifth Bet: 16 units
  • Sixth Bet: 32 units
  • Seventh Bet: 64 units
  • Eighth Bet: 128 units
  • Units Required: 255 units
Start by selecting a hand to bet on, either the Banker or the Player. Do not change the hand you are betting on unless you have won the previous bet. Follow the above betting chart every time you lose a bet, doubling the number of units wagered. Once you win a bet, start over at the first bet of 1 unit. Every time you win a bet, you are profiting by 1 unit. It has been argued that this Baccarat strategy will only result in breaking even. However, if you follow the profit margin correctly, it really is a 1 unit profit per win. For example, you bet 1 unit and lose. You’re down 1 unit. You bet 2 units and loose again. You’re down 3 units. You bet 4 units and win. You get your 4 units back, plus 4 more units for the win. Subtract the 3 units you lost and you’re up 1 unit.

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