Friday, 10 January 2020

Why Mobile Betting Apps Have Grown Consistently in Popularity?

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Nowadays, it's hard to imagine yourself without a smartphone in your hand. Technologies are developing and all other aspects of human life are growing in a place with them. Today, people can easily follow all the events from their smartphones, and at the same time at any time and in any place. Smartphones have greatly simplified the life of betting fans, making it available to anyone. Now anyone can participate in bets, wherever they are.

The trend of online betting

It is difficult not to notice the growth tendency of mobile gambling, and all due to the fact that the casino and sportsbooks create the most favorable conditions for their customers, which provokes a rapid growth of users of their services. Recent research shows that more than 75 percent of online betting customers use mobile devices. This is another proof that it is behind the mobile gadgets areф the future and large companies at the rates it is well understood. Slightly different things are happening with online casinos, according to unofficial data no more than 50% of users use the mobile version of online casinos.

What attract online casinos and sports betting

As for the casinos, they try to attract the attention of customers with a wide range of games and various bonuses, but they have problems with the optimization of applications, and for people today the main thing is convenience. As for sports betting, key companies create effective, well-designed and convenient applications for betting, which provide gamblers with a comfortable way of betting with the help of mobile devices. The presence of a simple and convenient interface, instant download, offline content, push notifications, personalization and access to standard features make mobile betting as comfortable as possible and provide full immersion of the client in the game.

Convenient payment methods

The factor of a convenient system of transactions makes a big contribution as well. Services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay create the most convenient payment terms for customers making payment by one click on the screen. However, Google has only recently allowed the casino application in its market app so that Android users who are looking for a list of casinos accepting Google Pay as the primary payment method, will find out that the list will not have too much to offer. Nevertheless, such applications usually have a huge choice of games and activities to spend a few hours on games of chance and skill.

Can’t be easier in usage

The main feature is the simplicity and ease of use of these services. You don't need to worry about anything, all you need to do is just download any application from the App Store or Play Market and you will be able to put on your favorite teams sitting in the car or relaxing in the countryside. That's what attracts most players.

Newsfeed Just Fro You

A study has been carried out that shows that most betting app users will be fans of, for example, the sport they are betting on. When the developers realized this, they immediately began to make news feeds and filling it with lots of interesting information, which makes the site entertaining and favorable.

Forums and Chats

Also, users can spend time waiting for the match on forums or in live chats or chat-bots where they can find recent sports news or talk with other players about upcoming matches. 

It should be noted that modern developers of mobile applications for bets began to focus on young players, making a lot of advertising and interesting bonuses attracting new young users, based on this we can say that this industry will continue its expansion, gaining more and more global popularity.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Fastest Banking Services Available


One of the most important tasks facing the banking industry is comfortable and fast customer service. Indeed, at a basic level, each bank offers the same standard bank account, credit, and other services. Thus, the success of the bank largely depends on the speed of processing operations. Below is a list of the best online banks that differ in their speed.

Ally bank

This is an online bank without branches. The Bank serves about 790,000 customers and offers money market savings accounts and deposit accounts, bank accounts, certificates of deposit (CD), certificates of deposit under the IRA plan and Internet savings accounts under the IRA plan. MONEY Magazine has called it "Best Online Banking" for four consecutive years. Customer satisfaction at Ally Bank has always remained at 90% or more. You will agree, the speed of banking operations is very important. After all, it is better to visit this list of highly developed online casinos with the fastest withdrawal options and get your winnings almost instantly rather than wait for a very long time.

SFGI Direct

It is the Internet division of Summit Community Bank, a community bank located in Murfield, West Virginia, with additional offices in Charleston, Rainelle, Rupert, Petersburg, Franklin, Mathias and Martinsburg (West Virginia), Winchester, Harrisonburg, Warrenton and Leesburg (Virginia).

CIT Bank

This is an online bank, established in 2000. He is a subsidiary of CIT Group Inc., a financial holding company that holds leading positions in the field of lending, factoring, retail and financing secured by equipment in the small business market. The Bank offers highly profitable savings accounts, traditional and individual Rota retirement accounts, certificates of deposit (RampUp CD, Jumbo CD, and Term CD), custody accounts (UTMA) and much more.

Synchrony bank

This is one of the most famous online banks in the market. It is a subsidiary of Synchrony Financial, one of the leading consumer financial services companies and the largest private credit card provider in the United States. It offers certificates of deposit, money market deposit accounts, savings accounts, IRA certificates of deposit and money market deposit accounts (IRAs). Optimizer + plus savings certificates offered by the bank were named “Best Deposit Certificate” by Money magazine (a list of the best banks in America).


This is an online bank with a wide range of direct banking products. It offers credit cards, settlement and savings accounts, certificates of deposit, money market deposit accounts, private student loans, consumer loans, and mortgages.

It is an online division of Flushing Bank, a New York-based commercial bank with branches in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Nassau County. It offers customers competitive deposit products nationwide. The bank has opened deposits of $ 4.4 billion.

Bank5 Connect

This is an online bank offering settlement and savings accounts, certificates of deposit, payment of bills on the Internet, electronic reports (eStatements), free mobile banking and many other services. It is a division of BankFive, a leading bank in the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Online vs. In-Store Shopping: Who Wins?

Today, the main value is time. It is sorely lacking. Sometimes even going to the store becomes a problem - where to find the extra couple of hours? An alternative is online shopping. Which store is worth choosing? How to choose? And Is it really worth it?

Where is cheaper?

Often, goods in online stores are cheaper than in shopping centers. In the online space, the buyer does not pay for the rental of premises, for marketing, does not pay for the salaries of sellers, electricity costs and so on. Therefore, most often on the Internet, products will be cheaper. Also, online sites regularly provide discounts on a number of products.

Works around the clock

Unlike ordinary stores, trading on the Internet is around the clock without breaks for sleep, lunch and weekends. You can place an order at any time. If a person comes home late or works in shifts, then a trip to the supermarket will be an additional test. The online store will also save the nerves.

Saves time

Shopping in the online store saves not only money, nerves, but also time. You do not need to go anywhere. No need to stand in traffic jams, in line at the checkout. A visit to a regular store along with the road will take about an hour. And if you need to buy stuff for a couple of weeks or a month in advance? This is at least an hour without traffic jams, finding a parking place. Buying on the Internet will take about 15 minutes. This can be done at a convenient time. At lunchtime, in transport, on the way to work, when taking a break in playing in Flexepin online casinos, during dinner or while watching a movie. Would take only a computer or phone with internet access.

Home delivery

You need to buy five bottles of water, three pounds of washing powder, filler for a cat, paint for repairs, an armchair, etc. Even for car owners, such shopping will not be the easiest. What can we say about those who have to take their purchases home by public transport? In online stores, the selected product is delivered to your home in a short time. For this reason, the online store is chosen by mothers who have no one to leave their children with, people with disabilities, pensioners, those who are on sick leave, after surgery. Online shopping is chosen by those who cannot or do not like to carry packages on themselves.

Product is in stock

In the online store, it is always clear whether the goods are in stock. So you as a client is insured against a useless trip to the store when you arrive, but there is no needed product.

Convenient logistics

You will not get lost among shelves, various halls and heaps of things. The sites have convenient logistics, product categories are signed. So it’s impossible to get lost or forget something.

You will not be able to impose goods

There are no assistants in the online store who will try to impose additional services or goods on you. You pay only for what you need and interest. So you do not spend extra money.

Do not be afraid to forget something

Do you know the option when you return home with bags and remember that you forgot to buy toothpaste or toilet paper for the umpteenth time? But do not come back for them. You won’t have to return to the online store. You can instantly add the paste to the basket or place a new order.

Friday, 26 July 2019

Should We Accept Things For Free

Every day, from everywhere we hear something about free things. In this way, many people try to get people's attention, and it always works. Many people are constantly chasing something free, trying to use it to the maximum.

You have to pay for everything

Constantly chasing free stuff is stupid. This goes for lots of poor people. They think that everyone needs everything for them, and therefore they are always to blame for everything: the authorities, bourgeois businessmen, banks, sellers and other people with whom they have to face. All people are all guilty of their poverty, but they are not. Of course, this is a wrong judgment, but so many factors form it, one of which can be considered a freebie. 

Since childhood, many parents have taught their children to the fact that they simply will not get anything. For candy, you need to remove the toys, for money for movie tickets - to wash the floors. This is the right approach. But over time, a person faces a freebie that teases him. Take something without giving a penny and leave, what could be better? Is that only not to take. But why? 

As we already said, people are teasing free stuff. Having taken something for free once, a person wants more and more. It does not stop. The word "freebie" can get him anywhere and make him do anything, just to get something for free. And along with this, the thinking of a person changes. He begins to think that everyone owes him that for free he can get almost everything he wants. But then, alas, the freebie ends, and you have to pay, but you don’t want to pay. So there are constantly dissatisfied people with low income.

Great marketing

But free things have advantages. If you are a businessman and you need to promote your store or something else, then there is no advertising better than free stuff. As soon as a couple of people find out about some possible freebie, big discounts and so on, then this message will be distributed to everyone else. And now you have mountains of visitors who are ready to overpay for the first product in order to get a second for free (example of a 1 + 1 promotion).

Discounts and freebies allow you to promote any business effectively, quickly and easily. The same goes for the online free spins casino when you get the opportunity to try to play slots for free. Even if at first you gave something for nothing, and then stopped, for people chasing a freebie, you will be in good standing. And they will spend money from you, bypassing other stores.

But over time, people will again demand all used, free of charge, so shops often arrange sales, make huge discounts, or even give away some goods for free with others, for which buyers overpay (the same 1+1 promotion)


Free things have both advantages and disadvantages. Note that we did not say that the advantage is that you can save. This is both a plus and a minus. Because if you get something for free, your thinking may not change for the better. Freebie can simply zombie you.

Chasing a freebie means positioning yourself as a poor person. Saving is also important and necessary but within reason. Sometimes it is better to overpay for something qualitative (clothing or equipment) rather than take something for next to nothing, and then go and complain about the malfunction of the goods in the shops after a week of use.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Online Baccarat Strategies and Tips

Baccarat, like most table-based casino games, can be played in one of two ways; by simply placing a bet and crossing your fingers, or by using a baccarat game online strategy to increase your chances of winning. When you know the fundamentals of the game, as well as the impending house edge, you can make better decisions. This article will focus first on Baccarat tips, followed by a proven Baccarat strategy known as the Martingale Betting System.

Tip #1 – Banker Commission

When betting on the Banker, there is a commission that must be paid on a winning bet. This is because the Baccarat rules are designed to favor the Banker’s hand in order for the casino to ensure its house edge on all possible bets. However, not all casino’s charge the same commission. The standard and most common, commission is 5% of the total bet. This results in a 1.06% house edge when betting on the Banker. Try to find a live or online casino with a lower commission in Baccarat. There are many casinos that charge only a 4% commission, resulting in a 0.6% house edge. A few casinos may even offer lower commissions. The chart below details the house edge according to the commission rate. Banker Commission / House Edge:
  • 5% / +1.06%
  • 4% / +0.60%
  • 3% / +0.14%
  • 2.75% / +0.03%
  • 2% / -0.32%
  • 1% / -0.78%
  • 0% / -1.24%

Tip #2 – Number of Decks

The number of decks used to play Baccarat can also affect the house edge. The more decks that are used, the higher the house edge becomes. Most Baccarat games are played with 6 or 8 decks of cards, but if you can find a Single-Deck Baccarat game, it can lower the house edge by as much as 1%!

Tip #3 – Never Bet the Tie

You should never, ever place a wager on the Tie. Even though the payout is enticing, at 8-to-1 or 9-to-1, the house edge is incredibly high at about 14%, making it terribly improbable. This is the worst bet to make in Baccarat.

Tip #4 - Martingale Betting System

The Martingale Betting System is a casino strategy that can be applied to various games, including Baccarat and Roulette. The idea behind this betting system is that if you continue to make the same bet, you will eventually win. By doubling your bet size each time, you are guaranteed a 1-unit profit each time you do win. The only fault in this Baccarat strategy is that a player could potentially run out of funds before finally winning. To reduce the possibility of this happening, be sure to bring an extra large bankroll. It is incredibly unlikely for a losing streak to last more than 8 hands, but it’s not a bad idea to be prepared anyway. Note that the chart below shows a requirement of 255 units to pay 8 consecutive losing bets. With that said, here is the Baccarat strategy is known as the Martingale Betting System.
  • First Bet: 1 unit
  • Second Bet: 2 units
  • Third Bet: 4 units
  • Fourth Bet: 8 units
  • Fifth Bet: 16 units
  • Sixth Bet: 32 units
  • Seventh Bet: 64 units
  • Eighth Bet: 128 units
  • Units Required: 255 units
Start by selecting a hand to bet on, either the Banker or the Player. Do not change the hand you are betting on unless you have won the previous bet. Follow the above betting chart every time you lose a bet, doubling the number of units wagered. Once you win a bet, start over at the first bet of 1 unit. Every time you win a bet, you are profiting by 1 unit. It has been argued that this Baccarat strategy will only result in breaking even. However, if you follow the profit margin correctly, it really is a 1 unit profit per win. For example, you bet 1 unit and lose. You’re down 1 unit. You bet 2 units and loose again. You’re down 3 units. You bet 4 units and win. You get your 4 units back, plus 4 more units for the win. Subtract the 3 units you lost and you’re up 1 unit.

Monday, 27 May 2019

Should You Put It In the Cloud?

Working with electronic documents or other computer files involves the saving of the results of your work. On your computer, all files are stored on your hard disk. But we would like to have some documents, photos and other important files at hand. Choosing the right place for storing files can provide this opportunity.

Two Options to Save Your Files

It is important to understand the principles of file storage and accessibility to them. We will consider two ways to store files that will allow access to information from almost any device.
  • Flash drives
  • Also referred to as USB drives or “flash drive” is a compact device for storing and transferring information. Connect to the USB port on the computer. It has a small cost and can be bought at any electronics store.
  • Cloud storage
  • With cloud storage, you can access your files from any computer, tablet, a smartphone with access to the Internet. It does not need any additional devices for storing information. Imagine you made an important document, saved it to the cloud storage, and now you can play on no download gambling sites with peace of mind. A good option, isn't it?
Often, “flash drives” and “Cloud” are used to back up files from a computer. Having dealt with this issue, you will no longer be inconvenienced with storing files. Now you can work with your files at home, at work, and even when files can only be accessed from a mobile device.

Why Choose Cloud Storage?

We advise you to pay attention to the cloud storage. Why? The main advantages of cloud storage are easy to access to enterprise information and reliable data protection through automatic backup. Transferring and storing data in the cloud is a more functional and reliable solution. Also to the benefits of cloud storage include:
  • Backup data to the cloud
  • Data storage on the hard disk of a computer is fraught with their loss, equipment wear, theft or damage. Through regular automatic backup of data to the cloud, all company information is securely protected.
  • Sharing information
  • Most cloud storages provide the ability to open access to files, collaborate on them to other users. And all these manipulations can be carried out in real time. This increases the productivity of the enterprise, allows you to more effectively organize the workflow.
  • Absolute security of information from viruses and unauthorized access
  • By entrusting company data to a cloud service, you can no longer worry about their safety and security.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

How Independent Casino Safety Institutions Really Are


Any other institution cannot influence online gambling regulators. Their activities should be transparent and clear for all best payout online casinos. Let’s take a look at the lifecycle of the auditing companies.

eCOGRA - an independent auditing company

This company appeared in 2003, and it has been checking online gambling sites to protect players around the globe. The founders of the company state that eCOGRA is independent for 100% and no one can ever influence it. A certificate issued by this regulator is reputable. 

How can we check if this company is independent? Well, we can take a look at the number of software operators that work with it. We can find 25 software providers and almost 70 gambling operators that cooperate with eCOGRA. This means that the reputation of the company is positive and no cases of any fraud were ever detected. 

eCOGRA has granted only 13 software providers with a certificate, and only 145 gambling sites have received a Safe and Fair seal. This company doesn’t give every gambling operator or software provider - they all need to meet strict requirements to get the award. The mission of the company is to protect players and offer them a fair game.

How can a player check if the license was issued in a fair way?

It’s not so difficult. You can go to the website where the certified operators from the eCOGRA company will conform to the monthly payout certifications. They view payout transactions and bets as they have access via the dedicated servers. You will make sure that there are no options for online casinos to provide you with an unfair game or treat you the wrong way. 

What about the eCOGRA company itself? They state the company is independent of any operators and software providers. eCogra is accredited to be a testing agency as a part of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 audit by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). This means high standards of every single check, test, and audit.

iTech Labs - a truly independent company

This reputable organization is based in Melbourne, Australia. The owners of the company state that they don’t have any kind of interest in gaming institutions. The police and credit checks approved the workflow of the iTech Labs. The reputation of the company is positive, and we cannot find any information about any signs of fraud from their side. It means that you can play safely on any gambling site that has a certificate issued by iTech Labs. 

If you know the process of an audit, you can make sure that the process is fair and transparent. How does iTech Labs check the casinos? For example, they assess the weak points of the games. It can be a multiplayer mode - no one should see your cards. Here we mean players of the same table. There should be algorithms that could prevent this. 

How can you check if a certificate is real? You should find a logo if the iTech Labs and there should be a link to a certificate. If you see only a logo with no links, you should contact the support team and ask them to show you the original certificate. If you can’t get it, we recommend leaving that place. How can you be sure that iTech Labs can be trusted? NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited the company with ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020. And NATA is a member of ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation), and the accreditation number is 15690.

What’s more?

Independent auditors are not interested in making your games unfair or turning gambling experience into a disaster. If any casino safety institution decides to cheat, it will soon spoil its reputation. However, you should be careful about the auditors. It’s good to check what kind of companies it cooperates with and what kind of accreditations it has. If there are no unions with other reliable institutions, this organization cannot be trusted. 

A good play can be only with fair and transparent conditions. These conditions are checked and regulated by independent casino safety institutions. And they are interested in making your game experience positive.