Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Playing Real Money Slots? Use Bet Max Button!

If you are going to play online slots for real money, dear gamblers, then you should consider all possible betting options you have on a certain slot. Nowadays online casinos offer various types of online slots for real money including classic slots, video slot machines, slots with bonus features and certainly tricky but profitable progressive slots. The main principle that you need to follow while playing any type of slots for real cash is that you need to take a high risk to win good money. That’s why a so-called Bet Max option or button in slot games will be explained here.

Bet Max option basically means that you are placing the highest stake available in a certain slot machine. The most common type of slots played nowadays is video slots with various bonus features. They usually have multiple paylines that create many betting options for players. Let’s take a 30-paylines slot as an example.

Playing this game you should decide how many paylines you are going to wager. If you don’t want to play big, then you can activate just one or two paylines. The next step is selecting a line bet that is basically a number of coins that you can wager on a chosen payline. Some modern slot machines offer you not only to choose a number of coins/credits but also their denominations. Thus, if you decide to enable 3 paylines then you need to press a ‘Bet One’ button 3 times in a row. If you press it just once, then only one payline will be activated. However, if you are going to play big then you can press a Bet Max button that activates all available paylines and places the maximum amount of a line bet.

Usually, low rollers and beginners don’t use this option although it has numerous upsides. For example, let’s assume that you are playing progressive slots online. The most tricky part about progressives is that to hit its jackpot you need to take a huge risk and make the highest bet possible. Otherwise, you will be eligible only to fixed payouts that can’t be even compared with enormous jackpots. Thus, to win good money on progressive jackpots you need to press a Bet Max without hesitations.

If you are playing video slots with bonus rounds and Scatter symbols, then you should also use a Bet Max option. First, you can win money only if qualifying combinations occur on the activated paylines. If a winning combination appeared on the payline next to the one you activated, then you lose. As for Scatter combos, they can basically appear on any payline on the screen and their payouts depend directly on your total bet. Using a Bet Max option you can get good payouts from Scatter symbols that appear on the reels quite often. Besides, scatter symbols trigger bonus features in the most slots. The amount of payouts that you can get in these bonus games will be also determined by the total bet and therefore the Bet Max option will be useful to you once again.

Thus, if you are going to play online slots for real money, then you should certainly consider placing a Bet Max. Maybe you shouldn’t do it every time you gamble, but once in a while at least. It especially concerns gamblers who prefer progressive slot machines over all other types of slots games. ‘Bet Max’ is now included in almost all popular slot games. However, playing big you should pay special attention to your bankroll because you can be out of it much faster than usually. Set a rule never to exceed the bankroll that you determined before gambling and good luck in the world of online casinos!

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