Tuesday, 4 October 2016

What It Means to Be a Live Dealer?

So I’ve been playing casino games a lot and recently I've found out that I can feel like as if I was in Vegas thanks to the live casino invention. Live casino supposes that you are playing online with the real live dealer that’s connected to you via the webcam. You can see her or him taking the bets, dealing the cards or placing the ball on the online roulette wheel. You can even chat with each other. Working in a live casino seems like a dream job but is it really the way it feels?

I'm pretty sure this is a great job for true fans of gambling games. This is the perfect option to see them from the other side of the table and understand how all that casino things work from the inside. And at the same time, you don’t need to kill hours in the crowded casino full of people and tobacco smoke (FYI, smoking is allowed in the majority of real casinos) as there are only you, the webcam, microphone, and the players from different spots of the world watching you.

IMHO, it's the only significant difference between the real and live dealer casino. The fact that players are not sitting around in the circle doesn’t mean the dealer don't have to act like they ARE. Whether gamblers choose to play poker, baccarat or online roulette, the dealer must always smile and be positive and, what’s even more important, the dealer has to share all players’ feelings and concerns. Or at least act as if he would care :)

Each day the dealer is facing many different players and some of them are the real pain in the a**. Some, especially the ones who are streaming their gameplay, will be making stupid jokes and trying to provoke you and you should be smiling and dealing the cards nevertheless. Pretty tough, ha? And Lord help you if you make a mistake or misdeal and player loses. You’ll go through all the possible kinds of the curse from tempered players who were supposed to win the jackpot and got 0 instead.

I would say the job of the live dealers is not the easiest one but just like any other job. This is an excellent way to learn more about the gambling business from the inside and it’s also very flexible — online casinos work for international gamblers so you can choose between morning, afternoon or night shifts and plan your days off in advance. But it demands strong communication skills and patience because you never know what kind of players you are going to face today and what they will act like. It doesn’t hurt to try. So if you are a fan of gambling games, maybe it can become your dream job and start bringing you regular salary instead of the random winnings?
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